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10 January 2020 @ 02:52 pm
I haven't been updating much on LJ, and since I can't figure out how to post long entries here, I've been putting my stories up on FFNet instead.  Here is a helpful link to all the stories that I've written/still writing.  

Masterlist here~! Collapse )
Hope you guys will find this helpful~! <3

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30 November 2015 @ 12:40 am

I've decided to change some of my fic posts so that it's friend-locked due to certain personal reasons. If you would like to read them, please leave a comment, introducing yourself and add me as a friend~
03 May 2013 @ 01:45 am
1. Jewels of Flowers by elletromil
Summary: Usually, Dwarves would do anything to cover their spouse with as much precious metals and gems that could be afforded. Not only was it a way to show to all that they could provide for them, it was also a way to publicly show their devotion.
However, after many months, Thorin has yet to give anything to his Consort...

2. Mummer's Dance by Ratha_FireSong
Summary: Bilbo Baggins had always been alone and had longed for someone of his own to fill his empty heart. The Tooks had invited him to their annual Spring Gathering, but it is not a normal family reunion. It is a tradition of courting hobbits and hopes of marriage. This odd tradition is known as the Mummer's Dance and Bilbo must play his part although he feels that he will find no one. But the arrive of a group of strangers will change everything and Bilbo finds himself captivated by a foreign king.
Notes: AU, royalty!Thorin, commoner!Bilbo

3. Overtures by entanglednow
Summary: Bilbo knows that cities are not built on companionship and the occasional plate of scones.

4. Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs by littleblackdog
Summary: In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist.
And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit.
Notes: AU, soulmates

5. After the Dust Settles by Bgtea
Summary: “It seems that your bravery has done the impossible and sparked a truce between us and the Elves, fragile as it may be.” At this, the Dwarf king smiled wryly. Who would have thought that a soft Hobbit would have so much sway over the two most powerful figures in this region?
Bilbo Baggins did not respond. He had remained deeply unconscious for the past seven days.
Thorin Oakenshield tried not to let his heart break.
An AU retelling of the events before, during, and after the Battle, but not necessarily in that order.

6. Gardening by The Feels Whale (miscellea)
Summary: Bilbo Baggins arrived home late one afternoon in the middle of the week and the entire west Farthing is still talking about it.
Poor Mister Baggins. He was doomed to be a nine-days wonder no matter what and is it any wonder after a year-long adventure? Even the Tooks haven’t the influence to hush that up, but Mad Baggins seems to have managed to silence every tongue in the Shire on that subject which would be awe-inspiring ...if not for the way he decided to go about it.
OR: That one where Middle Earth seems to be unclear about where baby Hobbits come from.
Notes: MUST READ. In fact, read the whole series. <3

7. (Not Quite) Prince Charming by manic_intent
Summary: The problem, Bilbo would later tell Gandalf in aggrieved irritation, was not so much the unannounced visitors, oh no, but the fact that due to the lateness of the hour and sheer merciless fate, it came to be that at the respectable age of forty, Bilbo was being introduced to a real, live king while wearing striped pyjamas and fluffy slippers.
Notes: Modern AU, royalty

8. A Minor Misunderstanding by jezebel_rising
Summary: From a prompt on the kink-meme: "Thorin's company escapes the goblin tunnels, they are chased by the wargs and they take refuge in the trees. But when Azog shows up it turns out he has no intention of killing them. He has been fantasizing about Thorin ever since the dwarf cut off his arm, and now he has every intention of proposing to the love-of-his-life in a proper orc-fashion...
So, instead of attacking Azog starts courting Thorin (much to everyone's horror), reciting orc poetry, singing morbid love songs accompanied by the howling wargs and professing his undying love for his beloved foe, combining threats and promises. Thorin is thoroughly disgusted, the older dwarves are outraged and the young ones are barely suppressing laughter, while Gandalf is disturbingly pragmatic about the whole situation. Bilbo is just scared."

9. so i wait for you like a lonely house by stopchasingflowers
Summary: After the desolation of the dragon, Bilbo loses his voice and Thorin loses his throne.

10. Rara Avis by shinigami714
Summary: Bilbo is taken captive at a young age by Smaug, who confuses the hobbit for a princess. An AU based a bit on classic tales of dragons. Thorin/Bilbo with mentions of Fili/Kili and hints at Dwalin/Ori.

11. Winter Song by Lee_Whimsy
Summary: Smaug is dead, and the North is peaceful and prosperous once more. One harsh winter, Thorin offers the men of Dale shelter in the mountain; all goes well until a deadly epidemic breaks out among the humans.
Dwarves are immune. Hobbits aren't.
Notes: Hurt/Comfort fic of the best kind.

12. Para Bellum by RyuuzaKochou
Summary: Hobbits always survive; even where trained and experienced soldiers don't.
Has no one ever wondered about this?
Thorin and the Company learn that it takes more than luck to be small in a big world.
OR - Bilbo has unexpected skills and Thorin finds he likes them.

13. The Journey Home by tirsynni
Summary: Bilbo awoke alone on the battlefield. He had no idea that his request to go home would keep him alone for a long time.

14. [Series]Please Step Aside While Hobbitlings Continue Being Awesome by SailorFish
Summary: Premise-Thorin becomes King Under The Mountain. He and Bilbo have fallen in love and Bilbo moves to Erebor.

15. The Real Thing by TanukiMara
Summary: Bilbo discovers the differences between what he reads in books and the real thing.

16. Salt Stones by Elaine_Penny
Summary: Hobbits can cry tears, but they're reserved for a very special few.

17. there’s fantasy, there’s fallacy, there’s tumbling stone by brodinsons (aeon_entwined)
Summary: Inspired by euclase's commentary on this post: This makes me want an AU where Thorin Oakenshield is imprisoned by elves and/or enemy dwarves, and to humiliate the king, they cut off his hair and shave off his beard. And after his eventual escape, starved and broken, Thorin hides out in the Shire, where it takes ages for Bilbo to even get him out of bed let alone out the front door. And they fight and argue, and Thorin is a terrible, filthy, weakened, depressed shell of a king. But eventually he does recover, and he and Bilbo get to know each other better, and Thorin teaches Bilbo how to shoot arrows and wield axes on sunny afternoons while Bilbo shows Thorin how to garden. And Thorin’s not sure he has it in him to return home until Fili and Kili and a few others who’ve been searching for him show up on Bilbo’s front stoop—just as they did years before, but of course their quest is much different this time.

18. Quietus by shinigami714
Summary: Hobbits have a defense mechanism that takes effect when they grow weak and cold. Bilbo recognizes as it begins to take hold of him during the journey to Erebor. For a prompt on the Hobbit Kink Meme.

19. [Series] Heart and Soul by lilithiumwords
Summary: "If Bilbo is the heart, then Thorin is the soul." - Peter Jackson

20. Before I Stumble Homeward by lacking
Summary: In which Thorin is left slightly more injured after his confrontation with Azog. The fever sets in, the journey continues on, and a bond is formed.

21. [WIP] Lock and Key by hobbitdragon
Summary: Bilbo has wracked his brain trying to think of a way he might make up his betrayal with the Arkenstone, and at last a way occurs to him. Thankfully it is what he wishes, too. An everyone-survived-the-Bo5A AU.
Notes: D/s themes

22. Mad Season by chaosmanor
Summary: "The mad season doesn't happen often," Bilbo said. "Not to me."

23. You'll Never Sink When You Are With Me by sparklylulz (sparklyulz)
Summary: Erebor was, in a great many ways, completely different than the Shire.

24. [Wip]The Inevitable Love Story between Two Oblivious Idiots by Bgtea
Summary: In which everyone sees the budding romance between Thorin and Bilbo, except, of course, for Thorin and Bilbo themselves. Also, Dis brings the fear of God in other Dwarves and likes to meddle in her big brother's romantic life, and if she has to do this long distance through scathingly written letters, then so be it.

25. Bless Your Soles by freakylemurcat
Summary: Feet were sacred to dwarves, and Thorin had always done his best to adhere to the rules and keep his feet to himself.
And then comes along Bilbo Baggins with his ever bare feet, and Thorin suddenly finds he can't think of anything else.

26. Stretch Your Fingers by freakylemurcat
Summary: Hobbits and dwarves are very different to each other in plenty of ways.
Bilbo would quite like to learn more about his travelling companions, but they seem to have gotten the idea first.

27. if it hurts by calciseptine
Summary: When Bilbo suffers an injury, Thorin imagines the worst.

28. Under a Full Moon by Luthorchickv2
Summary: Answering a prompt. Everyone one is middle earth is a wolf-shifter. Bilbo is not part of the Dwarf-wolves pack so what happens on the first full moon of the quest?
Notes: AU, werewolves

29. [Series]Coming Home by darth_stitch
Summary: A set of two related stories about one clueless King Under the Mountain who is somewhat directionally-challenged and his beloved, long-suffering Hobbit Burglar.

1. welcome to the family by illumynare
Summary: Since he was now being honest with himself, Bilbo privately admitted he was a little disappointed. But really, what had he expected? A letter, like a hobbit's bread-and-butter note? Dear Bilbo, How delightful it was to charge through fire at an unkillable orc, and how clever of you to do it armed with nothing but an Elvish paper-knife. I only hope you enjoyed yourself half as much as I did. Let's do it again soon. Sincerely, Thorin Oakenshield.

2. Unintended Consequences by paranoid_fridge
Summary: From the kink meme: In the aftermath of the BoFA, nobody dies, and Bilbo is allowed to stay at Erebor until he's healed. Thorin acts like he did at the start of the journey, and some dwarves take their cue from him. The situation escalates, and Thorin ends up feeling responsible and guilty.
Notes: Rape/Non-con references, Gore, hurt/tortured!Bilbo

1. Dwobbits, Dwobbits Everywhere by smileybagel
Summary: Bilbo had always wanted a large family.
Notes: MPreg

1. Courtly Manners by FunkyinFishnet
Summary: Dwarf courtships take a long time. Fili knows from a young age that his One is his brother and can't wait to start courting him. He's forced to tortuously wait until Kili's of age though. It's worth it. Along the way, Fili helps Bilbo begin his own courting.

1. [Series] Courting 'Verse by jezebel_rising
Summary: The flower language of Hobbits and that of Dwarves do not always mean the same thing. Which Bilbo soon learns.
1. The Morning When It's Clear by BarlowGirl
Summary: “She makes me have dinner with her and the Sheriff every week,” Derek admits. “She keeps saying I don’t eat well enough. Too much fast food, she says. I keep reminding her I’m a werewolf and then I get a lecture about cholesterol. That doesn’t even make sense.”
“Did you accidentally puppy-dog eye her?” Scott asks seriously.
“I – no? What the hell, no.” He levels a glare at Scott. “And dog jokes aren’t funny.”
Scott laughs. “You totally did. Oh my God. That’s priceless.”
Or: Derek feels, basically.

2. Old Friends Gone by cheesewithmy
Summary: Stiles drags his fingers through the blood he can feel in the corners of his mouth, under his nose. He bends, and smears a rune across the floor, sloppy but hopefully effective. He squeezes his eyes shut and thinks as clearly as he can, something simple, because he’s got almost no power to put behind it. I will be safe when I open my eyes.

3. The Jelly To His Doughnut by blacktofade
Summary: When Derek moves into his new house, he doesn't expect it to be haunted by a teenage ghost called Stiles.
Notes: AU, sort-of-ghost!Stiles, no werewolves

4. Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us by queerly_it_is
Summary: Derek doesn’t get why he likes it so much.
It’s just not -- he hadn’t expected to need this. Not from Stiles. Not from anyone, ever. He doesn’t do this.
Except he does, now. Because it’s for Stiles, and Derek -- fuck, he likes it too.
Notes: Slight D/s, bottom/sub!Derek, read the warning tags

5. Accidents Happen by Fr333bird
Summary: Derek is in heat but doesn’t recognize it for what it is. Stiles knows that Derek needs him but he doesn’t know why. The knotting is a surprise to both of them.
Notes: bottom!Stiles, knotting

6. Strike Softly (Away From The Body) by qhuinn (tekla)
Summary: Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.
Notes: AU, no werewolves

7. Sweet Tooth by Spikedluv
Summary:Derek Hale had returned to Beacon Hills and the ice cream place was reopening. “Best. Day. Ever,” Stiles told Scott.
Notes: AU, werewolves exist, so fluffy!, diner AU~

8. Possibly I Like The Thrill Of Under Me You by stilinskisparkles
Summary:It’s not that the idea of Stiles talking about him doesn’t make his stomach wrap itself in knots, it’s that it does just that. It makes him unbelievably uncomfortable and he doesn’t quite know why. He’s twenty seven years old, he pays taxes, he takes his mother out for lunch on Sundays; he is a grown up. But he’s getting weird butterflies when he glances over his shoulder to look at Stiles and a heat in his chest that feels something like what he supposes want must feel like.
Notes: AU, librarian!Derek, oblivious!Derek

9. Five Times Stiles Doesn’t Actually Need A Condom (And One Time He Does) by otter
Summary: Stiles doesn't actually mean to become Beacon Hills High's go-to guy for free condoms and sex advice. It just happens.
Notes: Ohmygod this fic. Read it. So much fun. :D

10. Bogarted by HalfFizzbin
Summary: Alternate Title: "Dick Failwolf, Private Eye." (Or, Derek's hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.)

11. Our Hearts Are Tigers by skoosiepants
Summary: This is what Stiles figures out after a week of harboring Isaac: he’s kind of a dick, for a ten-year-old.
Notes: AU, magic!Stiles

12. Alive by grimm
Summary: “Yes,” Peter said, putting a hand between Stiles’ shoulder blades and shoving him so he stumbled forward a few feet. “He’s for you, Derek.”
“What?” Stiles yelped. Derek’s nose flared and one side of his mouth raised up in a feral grin. Stiles whirled around to look at Peter. “What the hell are you talking about?” he exclaimed. “This is not what I agreed to!”
Peter gave him an infuriatingly calm look. “You said, and I quote, ‘Mr. Hale, I will do anything for the money.’ You signed the papers. You got yourself into this. And now you are going to do what you promised to do.”
And so: Stiles, deep in Peter's debt, is offered up to Peter's nearly feral nephew in an effort to keep him going over the edge of madness.
Notes: fighter!Derek, non-con/dub-con

13. Patterns of Intention by drunktuesdays
Summary: Derek looked like the stuff of his deepest fantasies. His shirt was rumpled where Stiles had his hands in it, and he was breathing hard as well, chest heaving. His eyes—his eyes were glazed over and he looked stunned, like he’d been—like Stiles had—
“No,” Stiles said, blood draining from his face. The word was croaky and felt like it had to be wrenched out of his chest. “God, no.”

14. Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes
Summary: One of Stiles' favorite things about life is Derek Hale's food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.
Notes: Deaf!Derek, AU, no werewolves

15. Love So Hard, It Could Rip My Heart Out by Lapin
Summary: Stiles is seventeen, and his best friend is drifting away, and his dad isn't speaking to him, so he's going to make some bad decisions. He's seventeen and he needs bad decisions to look back on when he's thirty, and nothing is a worse decision than Derek Hale. He'll let the Big Bad Wolf in, let him press Stiles down into the couch and he'll wrap his arms around him and he'll know it's a bad choice, but it's his, and Derek is here when no one else is.

16. alpha etiquette by HalfFizzbin
Summary: While trying to infiltrate the Alpha Pack, Derek is forced to accept a gift he emphatically did not ask for.
Notes: Dub-con

17. Scent Marking For Dummies by Hatteress
Summary: Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point. Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale, on the other hand, is just needlessly complicating his life.

18. Cross My Soul by ecarian
Summary: Sometime around mid summer, during the intervening weeks of baseball camp and recovering from baseball camp and the latest Minecraft update, Jinx hops up the plastic step stool to their bed and says, “Derek’s daemon won’t talk to me.”
Notes: AU, crossover with His Dark Materials

19. Finger Bangin' by Hatteress
Summary: Stiles starts bringing drumsticks to Pack gatherings, sitting himself on the edge of the group to tap out maddening rhythms on his knees as the werewolves train. The first time he’d pulled them out, spinning one stick in a showy twirl between his fingers, Derek had actually staggered a little, missed a basic move, and ended up on his back blinking up at fucking Jackson, of all people.
Notes: bottom/pining!Derek, HAND KINK.

20. Right To The Edge With You by GotTheSilver
Summary: Stiles has been told that there’s talk about them. The alpha so addicted to his human that he doesn’t seek a pack. Stiles hates how they make it sound, if Derek’s addicted to him, then Stiles is drowning in Derek.

21. Brilliant & Ridiculous by maderr
Summary: All Derek wanted was for the woman to leave him alone and ring up his groceries. How that led to her thinking Stiles is his boyfriend is something he blames on Stiles and his inability to stay out of trouble for five minutes.
Notes: bottom!Derek, magic!Stiles, so much fluff~

22. Stiles Stilinski and the Virginity Visor by breenwolf
Summary: Stiles gets a job at McDonald's.

23. When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You) by mysecretashes
Summary: Stiles had imagined his first time many different ways, but never like this.
Notes: Dub-con, mild D/s

24. [Series] In Which Stiles is Secretly Magic by bookgodess15
Summary: All Stiles wants from life is to learn to control his magic, keep his grades up, and not die horribly while saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. It's all going pretty well until Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, has to go and ask him on a date. That asshole.

25. [Series] First and Last and Always by ssfan
Summary: Derek is Stiles' first everything. A story about the progression of their relationship from first kiss to graduation.

26. Legacy by morganoconner
Summary: Stiles has always known his mom had a pretty serious medical condition. It was something she lived with for a long time before it finally got the better of her. So it isn't a hard leap to make that it might have prevented her from carrying a child to term on her own. Stiles just didn't expect to learn that her solution had involved Derek's mother.
With the Alpha pack in town looking to cause problems, Stiles doesn't have time to get caught up in old family secrets or his evolving relationship with Derek, but he's not going to get much of a choice in the matter on either count.

27. Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1 by aggybird
Summary: Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow's music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love.
Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid.

28. What Fresh Heat is This? by aggybird
Summary: It's porn with a sprinkling of plot. A witch sends Derek into heat and then he and Stiles DO IT.
Notes: Dub-con, knotting

29. [Fanart] Devour Pt.II by 888mph
Notes: NSFW, bottom!Derek

30. Pucker Up by the_deep_magic
Summary: Stiles would have asked who in their right mind thought a kissing booth was a good idea for a fundraiser, except – oh, right – he’s on a lacrosse team populated entirely by male models.

31. A Slight Distraction by otter
Summary: Derek's parents pick up a hitchhiker. Laura is completely horrible. Everything turns out better than expected.
Notes: AU, werewolves exist

32. [Series] Sweet Hitch-hiker by lauraby
Summary: This series is a prequel, of sorts, to otter's awesome story A Slight Distraction.
The first four parts to this are all prequels, with the fifth taking place after otter's story.

33. Manual Instruction by Hsuany
Summary: "Dude, I'm telling you, it's everywhere." Stiles is upset that Scott cannot seem to grasp his distress.
Scott chews slack-jawed on a Twizzler and says, "Are you sure this isn't like that time in eighth grade when the history channel convinced you that aliens built the pyramids?"
Notes: Artist!Derek

34. Your Majesty by grimm
Summary: It wasn’t like he was a pro or whatever, but like any teenage boy he’d spent a lot of time jerking off, and there were a lot of people on the internet that liked watching that sort of thing. And while the idea of doing actual porn - like, porn with another person’s dick in his ass porn - kind of made him uncomfortable, jerking off by himself in front of a camera sounded okay. If you’re good at something, never do it for free, right?
Based off a prompt asking for Stiles as a cam boy and Derek lusting after his hot virgin bod.
Notes: Prostitution

35. Sticks and Bones by kellifer_fic
Summary: Oh my God, they're adorable! Can we keep them like this?
Notes: De-aging fic

36. until we become something new by Spikedluv
Summary: When Stiles is bitten by a werefox, his problems have only just begun. An old enemy returns, and new ones appear. It’s Beacon Hills, after all.
Notes: Werefox!Stiles, AU

37. walk me down your broken line by geordielover
Summary: The kissing. That’s important, very important. Not that the homicidal lycanthrope dragging him through dirt and fallen leaves isn’t important, but the kiss that follows? The path to this monumental push of lips on lips began even before this ill-fated venture to the Hale house.
The douchebag manhandling him through the forest, hand clamped tight around Stiles’s throat to keep him from screaming, is just a bonus.
Notes: bottom!Stiles

38. Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain
Summary: “He can't blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible."
Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.
"Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things," she agrees, nodding towards her brother's name on the menu. "Derek won't let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the eye candy."
"Send them my way," Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. "Apparently I'm incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance."
Notes: AU, fireman!Derek

39. Wake Up and Smell the Unavoidable by uraneia
Summary: “I’ll bring it to the cleaner’s and give it back to you,” Stiles said, and then Derek didn’t see his jacket for three weeks and just assumed Stiles forgot all about it.
Only then he does bring it back and, well. It doesn’t smell like smoke anymore, that’s for sure. It holds a weeks-old sort of chemical scent, he assumes from wherever Stiles brought it to be cleaned, so faint Derek would hardly notice if he weren’t looking for it. Under that, a hint of Derek’s own scent. All overlaid with a whole lot of teenage boy. Like Stiles threw it on the ground and rolled around on top of it for a year or so.
Stiles keeps scent-marking Derek, and it's going to drive Derek crazy.

40. Mail Order Stiles by Green
Summary: Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”
“You don’t even wear a hat."
“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”
(Stiles doesn't eat a hat, but that's just because he's too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband's ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)
Notes: AU, western, no werewolves

41. Glazed and Confused by wishingonalightningbolt
Summary: or, In Which Love is More Important than Donuts.
Stiles is a forensic tech with the San Diego FBI. He thinks he's been fairly lucky, since he's never had his life threatened, sustained few injuries, and only has to work with his least favorite agent every once in a while.
And then all of that changes.
Notes: FBI Agent!Derek, lab techie!Stiles, AU, no werewolves

42. Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll
Summary: "You've got a hickey on the back of your neck!" A Neckz 'n Throats story.
Notes: AU, werewolves exist, model!Derek & Stiles, possessive behaviour
My notes: Read this fic! I love the Neckz 'n Throats premise~ <3

43. By The Hour by janonny
Summary: The one where Stiles thought Derek was a hooker who needed feeding, and Derek thought Stiles was interested in him.
Notes: AU, werewolves exist, misunderstandings

44. [Fanart] Well it was going to happen anyway by 2amsugarrush (oldmanrenkas)
Summary: Have something fluffy. And some Alpha butt.
Notes: knotting, nsfw

45. total system failure by HalfFizzbin
Summary: In which Stiles is the world's most inappropriate entrepreneur, Erica is a menace, and Derek is terrible at his job no matter how hard he tries.(Or, the Harrowing Saga of the Gay Porn Doppelgänger.)
Notes: AU, no werewolves, bottom!Stiles, boss!Stiles, worker!Derek

46. Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin (zimothy)
Summary: Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.
Notes: AU, werewolves exist, babysitter!Stiles

47. Telescoping Effect by relenafanel
Summary: Derek Hale's new flat turns out to be in the direct line of sight from Stiles' bedroom window. The one with the telescope. Stiles always did appreciate a stellar gazing experience.
Notes: Voyeurism

48. [Series] Spook by zosofi
Summary: Derek is fifteen when he dies. He's been fifteen for six years when he meets Stiles.
And then suddenly... suddenly things start looking up.
A ghostly romance, as requested by Varlovian for the Teen Wolf Pack Charity Project.
Notes: AU, mediator(able to see ghosts/magic)!Stiles

49. My Heart Comes Tumbling Down by DevilDoll
Summary: "This is a casual, adult relationship based on sex, and it is awesome." In which Stiles and Derek have a great time buddyfucking until a burrito ruins it all.
22 February 2013 @ 05:10 pm

1. Oh Baby, Baby by Chash
Summary: In which the technology of fake babies used to teach teenagers not to have sex has progressed to a point that they instinctively cry when Stiles touches them.

2. Of Secrets And Confessions by Miya_Morana
Summary: Strange things are happening in Beacon Hills, but Danny refuses to let his brain go to Buffy-esque places, because he believes in science and reasonable explanations. When his friends are ready, they will tell him what's going on with them, he knows that. Meanwhile, he realizes that Stiles might be more than meets the eye as they start to become friends.

3. Wizard's Worth by Chash
Summary: Hogwarts AU! Danny is the nicest Slytherin ever, except for the part where he doesn't like Stiles. Stiles assumes being Potions partners will not improve this situation.
Notes: AU, hogwarts

4. [Highly Recommended]
Catalysis by kim47
Summary: The one where Stiles's grandmother comes to town, Danny agrees to be Stiles's fake boyfriend, Scott is annoyingly insightful, and there are vampires.
Notes: Fake/Pretend relationship

5. A Fever Moon by listedheart
Summary: Danny has only ever been human, and he’s pretty sure there’s meant to be some kind of rule, an unwritten moral code of the gay scene: you are not obligated to be every straight boy’s experiment, you should leave them to work through their confusion alone. The thing is, though, Danny is one of just two guys who are out and proud in the whole school. Beacon Hills is a small town.


1. Less Defined by FireEverything
Summary: Stiles calls the shiver he gets a chill, because to call it anything else is… well.
There are variant definitions of wrong, but most people would agree on this one.
Notes: Peter is pretty creepy in this, dub-con, kidnapping, obsessive behavior etc.

2. You're Mine, Valentine by RichAtSin
Summary: In which Peter decides to court Stiles, and does so by leaving him hearts. Bloody ones.
Notes: Creepy Peter is creepy, mild gore


1. Like a One-Way Ticket by transfixeddream
Summary: Stiles and Jackson have been fucking around for the better part of a month now, and in Stiles' opinion, it's pretty damn awesome. However, one little question may be enough to end things entirely.


1. [Highly Recommended]
Men of a Certain Age by peroxidepest17
Summary: The Sheriff and Chris Argent do their best impression of Scott and Stiles except without the flailing (because they're too old to flail anymore).
Notes: Epic bromance between Sheriff Stilinski & Chris Argent. <3
22 February 2013 @ 04:47 pm
Continuing on with my Sterek Rec List of DOOOOOOM, this is part 2, listing in alphabetical order~

[G-L]Collapse )

[M-R]Collapse )

[S-Z]Collapse )

1. You Did Good Stiles
Notes: More like Peter/Stiles/Derek

2. gogo

3. n107
Notes: Slight NSFW
18 February 2013 @ 08:35 pm
It's been so long since I've posted a rec list, and the amount of Sterek fics accumulated is so many that I'm gonna do this by alphabetical order. :D


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09 May 2012 @ 11:27 pm

1. To You I Pledge by beren_writes
Summary: Merlin lays his life on the line to save Arthur yet again, only this time there are witnesses, lots of them. Only Arthur prevents him going to the headman's axe straight away, but Arthur alone cannot save him. That is up to both of them.

2. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] The Student Prince by FayJay
Summary: A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love...
Notes: Modern AU, Royalty
My Notes: READ THIS. Seriously, best fic ever! Or the fic that got me hooked onto Merlin modern royalty AUs in the first place~ 

3. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Pairing Pendragon/Merlin 
Summary: Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta.
Notes: Modern AU
My Notes: So funny and witty and I just love this fic to pieces!!! You will FLAIL. 

4. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Drastically Redefining Protocol Series by rageprufrock
Summary: In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell promptly breaks loose.
Notes: Modern AU, Royalty
My Notes: This series is just everything I've ever asked for. I just adore how the author wrote Merlin and Arthur, along with how they navigate not only around each other, but everything else as well. <3

5. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Missed Connections (Glory, Glory, Holelelujah) by tourdefierce
Summary: Glory-Hole Romantic Comedy. 'NUFF SAID PEOPLE.
Notes: Modern AU, Royalty

6. Same River Twice by kianspo
Summary: Modern royal AU. When Arthur, the Prince of Wales, was seventeen, he made a mistake that is still haunting him. Eight years later, can he finally make it right?
Notes: Modern AU, Royalty

7. [RECOMMENDED] Into His Own by sarcasticchick
Summary: Merlin thought nothing of it when Gaius dropped the first clay pot. It was, after all, an empty pot.
My Notes: MY GOD. This fic. It will rip you apart and put you back together in the best way possible. Just so hauntingly gorgeous, and heart wrenching, and just unbelievably poetic. <3

8. Externality by zarathuse
Summary: Because, really, why wouldn’t the slash dragon’s fire create a slash sword?

9. The History Of Two Conversations (On Paper) by takadainmate
Summary: Books are defaced. But it's all for a good cause. Really.

10. Four Times Merlin Cock-blocked Arthur, And One Time He Didn't by oxoniensis
Summary: Look at title. :D

11. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Time Forward by kianspo
Summary: While still at uni, Arthur Pendragon meets two people who become his best friends. He falls in love with one of them... but marries the other. This isn't his story to tell; it's Merlin's. And Merlin will always remember that he met Arthur first.
Notes: Some Arthur/Gwen on the way. Modern AU.
My Notes: This will hurt, you'll ache for Merlin. But the ending makes all of it worthwhile. Just, such a gorgeous, amazing, wonderful fic. <3

12. [So fluffy!] Something Yellow This Time by giselleslash
Summary: Merlin owns a flower shop. Arthur is a frequent customer with a tragic love life.
Notes: Modern AU.

13. [RECOMMENDED] Two Weeks Notice by ras_fic
Summary: Arthur is a prattish Executive VP of the Pendragon Corporation with a disturbingly non-ironic love of Demotivational posters. Merlin is a tree-hugging barista with a "magic" tongue. Morgana's a peeping Tom and her breasts have superpowers. Gwen and Lancelot get married. Owain is the company bicycle. Arthur attempts to steal Merlin's affections from Will through epic DDR combat. Merlin gets drunk a lot. There is a pillow fight, and a helicopter ride, and rooftop confessions, and Arthur decides Merlin really is his destiny, whether he likes it or not.
Notes: Modern AU.

13. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] The Problem We All Live With by green_postit
Summary: A view of how Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, how they're together, and how they face the fact that magic is banned in Camelot.
My Notes: SO GORGEOUS. This fic will make you FEEL.

14. Making Apologies by marguerite_26
Summary: When Arthur returns from a impromptu hunting trip to find the stocks empty, he’s surprised by Uther’s leniency. But Merlin doesn’t get away with making Arthur’s excuses so easily this time.
My Notes: Perfect hurt-comfort fic~ :D

15. [RECOMMENDED] Merlin Emrys and The Totally Gay Triwizard Tournament by twentysomething
Summary: Where Arthur is a champion, Merlin is the thing he will miss most, the whole Hogwarts thinks they're shagging, and the boys are curiously oblivious. Also, bonus Headmaster Uther with a headache. 
Notes: Hogwarts AU.

16. [RECOMMENDED] Keep Calm And Carry On by tongueincheeky
Summary: How Arthur Pendragon, Director of Communications for Prime Minister Gaius, and his assistant, Merlin Emrys, fell in love - a story in goldfish, cats, webcomics, cups of tea, and sharpies.
Notes: Modern AU.

17. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] No Business Like Show Business bylady_ragnell
Summary: In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.
Notes: Modern AU
My Notes: This will make you giggle madly.

18.Treaty Negotiations by marguerite_26
Summary: In the face of his people’s suffering, Arthur turns to the druids to see if a treaty with magic users can secure his kingdom’s future.

19. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Warlock by aftertherain
Summary: Take me up; cast me away. What happens in the aftermath of a truth revealed.
Notes: Magic Reveal

20. [Fluffy Hurt/Comfort Fic!] It's Only A Flesh Wound by misswinterhill
Summary: Merlin underestimates how sharp Arthur’s sword in and slices his hand open, right up the arm. Arthur is definitely not worried by this, no, not at all.
Notes: Detailed description of wound + blood

21. When You're Not Watching by ingberry
Summary: Merlin is hit with a curse that gives him an insight to Arthur that he never thought he'd have.
Notes: Protective!Arthur, 

22. [So sweet and romantic] (the world is changed) because you're made of ivory and gold by minor_hue
Summary: In which Arthur gives Merlin a ring (but no one's on their knees).

23. Screen Control Your Motherboard by furloughday
Summary: Arthur is Merlin's tech support at work.
Notes: Modern AU. Oblivious boys~ 

24. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] The Joye of Sexe by aleathiel
Summary: Arthur has a lot of sex.
Notes: Descriptions of Arthur/Others (female+male), also subtly supportive!Uther. :D

1. Fever by seanbiggerstaffrox
Summary: Merlin becomes Uther's servant for a day.

1. Breathe The Pressure by leashy_bebes
Pairing: Merlin/Percival
Summary: Merlin has certain needs, and thankfully Percival's needs are complementary.
Notes: Breathplay, slight comeplay, etc. 

1. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] You're Sure Of A Big Surprise by kroki_refur
Summary: There's a magical beast, and there's h/c (of course), and there's Arthur being emotionally repressed, and there's Lancelot being all noble. But mostly, it's all about how much my id wishes it was Gwaine's id.
My Notes: Just an amazing fic. I love Gwaine's voice in this, and Merlin getting hurt + Knights/Arthur being all protective of him is just one of my major faves. Read it. 

2. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Percy 'Verse by magog_83
Summary: New Knight hopeful, Percy, has been at Court four months, but it might be another four years before Prince Arthur stops calling him Perrin. That's where Merlin comes in.
Notes: Squinty Merlin/Arthur, maybe?
My Notes: I'm convinced that everyone needs to read this. 

3. Meteorology by fahye_fic
Summary: A fic about Arthur's prattishness. But really, some awesome Merlin & Arthur non-slashy feels here~ 
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